Homoeopathy Pillers

Clemens Maria Franz Von Boenninghausen (1785 - 1864)

Clemens Maria Franz Baron von Boenninghausen was one of the closest follower and friend of Hahnemann. He was born in Netherlands on 12 March 1785, on the ancestral estate of Heringhaven in Oberyssel. He was the son of Ludwig Ernest von Boenninghausen and Theresia. He was a Baron by inheritance, a lawyer by profession and an agriculturist by inclination.   Plus

Dr. Constantine Hering (1800 - 1880)

Dr. hering
This American Homoeopathic physician was born on 1st January 1800 at Oschath in Saxony in America. He started studying medicine at the age of seventeen at the University of Leipzig. He was a popular student and a favorite of the well-known surgeon Dr. Robbi. Dr. Robbi was a staunch believer of modern medicine who used to criticize Dr. Hahnemann and ridicule Homoeopathy.   Plus

Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler (1821 - 1898)

Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler
Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler was a pioneer, and formed one of the pillars of Homoeopathy. He was the founder of the Biochemic System of Medicine.He was born on the 21st of August 1821 in Oldenburg, Germany. Since childhood,Schuessler was a studious boy and had remarkable capabilities.  Plus

Dr. Carroll Dunham (1828 - 1877)

Dr. dunham
Dr. Carroll Dunham was a well-known American Homoeopath. He was born in New York on 29th October in 1828. He completed his medicine from Columbia University in 1847 and did his M.D. from New York College in 1850.   Plus

Dr. Eugene Beauharnais Nash (1838 - 1917)

Dr. nash
Dr. Nash was born on 8th March 1838.He studied his Homoeopathy from the Cleveland College of Homoeopathy in 1874.
        He was a great orator; hence he conducted lot of meetings methodically and successfully. He became the president of International Hahnemannian Association in 1903. He taught at the New York Homoeopathic Medical College.Dr. Nash wrote two famous books, Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics and Leaders for the use of Sulphur. He died on 6 November 1917.

Dr. John Henry Clarke (1853 - 1931)

Dr. clarke
Dr. John Henry Clarke was a very distinguished Homoeopath of his time and is considered as one of the pillars of Homoeopathy. He was born in England in 1853. Academically, he had always been a brilliant student. He completed his medicine from the Edinburgh University in 1875, as a gold medallist and later, also did his post graduation i.e. M D. He then started his practice as a physician, which was a flourishing one as he had patients from all over the world seeking his treatment.   

Dr. James Tyler Kent (1849 - 1916)

Dr. kent
Dr. Kent is considered to be one of the prominent pioneers of Homoeopathy and forms one of the pillars of Homoeopathy. He was born on 31st March 1849, at Woodhull in New York. He completed two undergraduate degrees by the age of 21 years and there after went in for two post graduation courses at the Eclectic Medical Institute of Cincinnati Ohio without completing his graduation. Kent was a staunch Baptist.At 26 years of age, he began practicing as an eclectic physician at St Louis, Missouri. He was a well-known member of the Eclectic National Medical Association.   Plus

Dr. William Boyd (1891 - 1955)

Dr. Williamboyd
Dr. William Earnest Boyd is considered to be a pioneer in the field of Homoeopathy.His era is marked from the year 1891 to 1955.Dr. Boyd was born on 21st May 1891 in Glasgow. He studied at the Glasgow academy and Glasgow University and worked as a surgeon during the World War I, in the Royal Navy.He developed an interest in Homoeopathy, under the influence of Dr. Gibson Miller and he owed all his initial knowledge to him. Plus